Auto Keys Pro provide Mercedes EIS/EZS ignition switch repairs and also ESL/ELV steering lock repairs. These are very technical parts and all different models have a different assembly which may cause a fault.


PROGRAMMING – REPLACEMENT – DIAGNOSIS We are fully equiped to carry out most common repairs for Mercedes Benz EIS/EZS systems. 

Common Symptoms for Faulty EIS/EZS Ignition switch – Won’t crank over, Won’t start, Key turns but won’t start, No dash lights


REPAIRS – PROGRAMMING – CLONING Auto Keys Pro can replace and/or repair your steering lock. model. We can also program your steering lock for a fraction of the cost of dealer price. We carry top of the line equipment to get the job done.

Common Symptoms for Faulty ESL Steering lock – Key won’t turn in the ignition, Clicking noise when inserting key in ignition, Won’t start